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WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp Marketing can be considered to be a type of messenger marketing that aims to promote a brand through Whatsapp. It is known that Whatsapp has made a strong ground in the market, axing its competitors with utter ease, so, Whatsapp Marketing has come up to be an interesting marketing technique in this era. EduBrain IT Solutions has the best team who provides the best Whatsapp marketing techniques that help our client company to stay in touch with their customers, boost their sales through promotional messages, send automated messages such as payment confirmation, and abandoned carts, and other notifications.

Besides, we also focus on Whatsapp Chatbot to automate sales, provide customer support 24*7 and use premium softwares to increase our client company’s reach. EduBrain IT Solutions assures an enormous brand reach, strong relationship with customers, and increased sales. You just need to come in contact with us and we are here to take up your marketing responsibilities.

Features of WhatsApp Marketing

  • Delivery to all WhatsApp users only.
  • Perfect Marketing Tool.
  • Economical and Cost effective.
  • Support For Multiple Media Formats.
  • Schedule SMS Feature.
  • Allows Sending Messages to DND Numbers.
  • Targeted base Marketing.
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