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Website Audit

Website Audit

In today’s date, ‘keyword relevancy’ is no more the only variable that affects a company’s rank on Google. Google’s algorithm has evolved dramatically with time and organizations need to cope with it accordingly. Google’s algorithm is significantly more complex and balances a website’s quality with its relevance to search queries. Now, in order to organically rank well in Google, a website has to be relevant to the search query and demonstrate significant E-A-T i.e, Experience, Authority, and Trustworthiness, and meet all of today’s technical and UX best practices.

In such cases, EduBrain IT Solutions provides all such facilities that include comparing your website with competitors and using your findings to your advantage, identifying what changes need to be made and how, providing SEO efficiency to your website, unveiling your website’s weaknesses and fix it correspondingly. Besides, our expert team also set some of the best result goals for your website’s future by analyzing your website, making creative designs and content, increasing your on- page optimization, identifying keywords, and making site navigation & site structure changes, based on the requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and build a remarkable website for your future.


  • Web Design Review
  • Content Plagiarism Check Analysis and Fixing
  • Backlinks Checking
  • Advance Search Engine Compliances Audit
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Reporting and Strategizing
  • Open Port and Code Fixing, Thus Preventing Website From Hackers and Intruders
  • Controlling Search Engine Bot Thru Robot.txt
  • Broken Link Analysis and Fixing
  • Implementation of 404 and Redirection Codes
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